Getting Back On Track

Phew...! What a year. It's been a rollercoaster ride so far, to say the least. After having had amazing experiences in China, Germany and the US, I'm personally feeling rejuvinated and full of optimism and positivity once again (and God knows one needs to be in this business). My advice to anyone out there who wants it, just try to keep it all about the music, enjoy yourself and don't put a condition on today for what you hope and wish to accomplish tomorrow. In my experience there is no better way to spoil the potential of the present moment than to be looking at what we haven't got, rather than seeing what we have. Start by seeing things as they really are, it's the only way.

Anyway, the dates page has been partly updated with many more gigs just awaiting confirmation before we post them on line. Stay tuned, more soon.

On Line Guitar Lessons With Me, Thru Skype

I'm now doing one to one lessons, live from my studio to anywhere in the world. Here is a short promo video with an explanation of what it's all about. If after watching this you're interested in booking a lesson, just drop me a line and we can set something up. It's really pretty straight forward to get set up and organized. Ill look forward to hearing from you.

A Shiny New Video

Here's a brand new video for you all entitled "Night and Day". I'm rally quite pleased with how this came out. I did the backing track a while ago, but all of the guitars and video editing I crammed into one day. Hope you like it

Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year everyone. albeit slightly belated. Time marches on and there is much work still to be done. We are booking gigs, recording a new album, and trying to keep YouTube fresh and interesting. The recordings started in Airdrie near Glasgow just before Christmas, with Jim Drummond on drums and Kenny Hutchison on bass. We already have additional keyboards added to half the tracks by legendary Hammond B3 master and innovator Mr John Rabbit Bundrick, and I will be getting brass parts and percussion added from some amazing session guys in the coming weeks. Also the Band Of Friends double disc CD/DVD I co produced and mixed for the guys is now available, with Gerry McAvoy, Ted McKenna and Marcel Scherpenzeel. This is an audio CD of 5 original BOF tracks (and one Rory Gallagher cover), with a live DVD of a show shot in Germany by Thierry Miguel. Most update news and info on what we are doing happens on Facebook first, but this site is updated from time to time. So don't forget to join us on our official Facebook Group for daily news updates, and occasionally rare music and live videos.

Some new/old music made available

A new album is now available from the Bandcamp web site. 12 tracks recorded over the last 14 years in different locations and with different musicians.

A little news, with much more to follow

And finally, a homepage news update. Social sites like facebook and so on can really take over. But anyway, just to let everybody know that gigs are being booked throughout the UK and parts of Europe that we hope to confirm and announce shortly. These gigs are to be trio and solo acoustic shows. Also, new videos and recordings are currently being prepared with a host of new musicians and some familiar old friends too. Please stay with us and watch out for confirmations and news soon. Meanwhile, at the risk of contradicting ourselves, don't forget to join us on our official Facebook Group for truly daily news updates, and occasionally rare music and live videos.

Boxing Day Message

We trust you have all enjoyed a happy and peaceful Christmas, and are feeling relaxed and stuffed while in the company of the ones you hold nearest and dearest. And as what has been a very busy 2012 draws to a close, we are now all very much looking forward to 2013, when we will begin rolling out a lot of the work we have been preparing throughout this year, both at home and abroad. Although it'll still be a few weeks before stuff starts to become visible, please keep checking back in with us, as we very much want you all to come along for the ride. So thanks for holding on, and have a great new year.

Paul Rose & Forrest Lee Junior's Tyneside Telecaster Tear Up...!!

We are delighted to present this one off "gig" as part of Forrest Lee's very first trip to the UK. Forrest is a Nashville Telecaster picker of the first order, and is visiting me here in Newcastle during his trip. So at very short notice we have managed to arrange a bit of guitar pickin' fun at the Coach Inn, Killingworth Road, NE12 7BR, on Sunday Oct 7th at 8:30pm. Check him out at the youtube link below, and come on down and have yourself a good old time. And PLEASE share on your facebook page and help us get a few bods in the door, free entry. Join us on our Facebook Group for daily news updates, and occasionally rare music and live videos. Thanks.

New music and new albums on the way.

After 15 intense days of rehearsing, recording and mixing in Los Angeles, we are now proud to announce that my 13th album is now Complete. And as some of you may have seen via our facebook page, we have been very fortunate to have had some wonderful musicians get involved, all of whom have track records that go on for miles. Please stay with us for news of releases and live shows. And with our other planned release for 2012 "White Mountain Road" already in the can back home, I think a couple of weeks well earned rest is in order. Join our Facebook Group for up to the minute news and media.

Back from the US.

We have lots of exciting work to be getting on with, and firmly beleive that 2012 is going to be a major milestone for us. With a new album pretty much complete and another one to be recorded in the US in spring currently being planned. Stand by for an announcement for the all new 2012 American line up. A new city, a new country and an entirely new and exciting format is in development. So don't go away, we're just getting started. But don't forget to join us on our official Facebook Group for daily news updates, and occasionally rare music and live videos.

New album on the horizon.

A brand new album comprising entirely new and original material is currently in the final stages of mixing. The album, entitled "White Mountain Road" featuring Ted McKenna on drums and Kenny Huchison on bass, was recorded in Northern Ireland, New York and England. With some very special guest appearances (details of which to be announced shortly). Engineered, mixed and produced by Paul Rose this is an eclectic blend of rock, pop, blues and country. With plenty of guitar too of course. An official release date will be announced shortly. All in all we are very excited about 2012 and will be making a series of very exciting posts, both here and on our official Facebook Group page, over the next couple of months. Happy new year to you all, and stay tuned.

Exclusive Interview at Seymour Duncan Blog.

While in New York recently Paul gave an exclusive interview for Seymour Duncan's on line blog. It has now been posted and you can read it by clicking on the logo below .

More new videos on youtube.

Some great new videos of Paul and his band have been posted on youtube over the last few weeks, including this dynamite version of "Fairground Dream" shot during rehearsals in November. This track has no overdubs and is entirely live. With Ted McKenna on drums, Kenny Hutchison on bass and Colin Train on keyboards. More exciting news from the USA soon. So please keep coming back... you're in the right place.

Premier Guitar USA.

Premier Guitar & Squid Guitar in the USA will be helping to promote Paul over the coming months by way of a series of ads and a free download of All Along The Watchtower." As well some other features that we will announce and promote here also. It's a very exciting time for Paul and the team with videos, albums and performances for 2012 being planned in new territories worldwide. Keep checking back, or "like" our facebook page and join the interactive Paul Rose experience.

New HD video for "Lies"

Here is a new video that consists of a montage of photographs that relate to the subject matter of the song "Lies" from the Learning Curve CD. Including pictures from the Hubble Telescope, nature, water, deluded and unhappy people, as well as some great people too. Compiled and constructed by Paul Rose.

New York and the USA.

Paul is now back home in England after an extremely inspiring and exciting trip to New York. We would like to send out a heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make the trip a success, and a big hello to all of our new friends in the New York area. During the trip Paul found himself jamming with some serious players on the New York jazz scene, such as Bill Evans, Richie Morales and Thierry Arpino. A subsequent return trip is currently being set up, details of which will be posted here in due course.

Also, in an online interview with IKMultimedia, the software developers behind Amplitube 3, Seymour Duncan himself referred to Paul Rose as one of his top 5 favourite players he's been listening to recently, alongside Jeff Beck, Slash, Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan. So Paul is in good company there. Seymour also added that "Paul blows me away how he can effortlessly morph from rock into jazz, blues and country"

So, next stop Scotland for rehearsals then 3 gigs, starting this Thursday the 22nd. Then we are back in the studio working on some new "productions". So once again thanks to everyone, and watch this space for more exciting news and announcements.

Paul Rose and "LsL" Guitars.

During Paul's recent visit to the USA to perform at the Nashville Summer NAMM, Paul made the quick hop to Los Angeles to meet Lance Lerman, the man who is LSL Instruments. Lance and Paul discussed all things relating to the guitars Lance builds and the guitars Paul play's. As a result we are thrilled to announce that work has begun on a custum guitar for Paul. Updates will be posted by way of pics and video over time. So stay tuned for more information on this very exciting development soon.

Seymour Duncan to guest with Paul Rose at Nashville show

We are pleased and excited to announce that Mr Seymour W. Duncan will be guesting with Paul at the Red Rooster gig in Nashville next week July 21st. Seymour will be playing on stage after Paul Rose & Carl Verheyen have finished their own respective solo sets, after which a jam will ensue. Other "name" guitarists may also appear, but we will only announce these once they're confirmed. So stay tuned for pics and video in a week or so's time.

New Youtube Video.

Below is a new video of Paul and the band playing a blues at the Frankfurt Musik Messe last month. Paul's appearance was very well received, with global opportunities cropping up on a daily basis. And by the way, the dignified looking gentleman in shades and suite who appears just off stage to Paul's right, is none other than John B Williams, who played bass on "What A Wonderful World" with Louis Armstrong. Not to mention working extensively with Dizzy Gillespie, The Count Basie Orchestra and countless other jazz legends. As you'll see, he was very impressed by Paul's performance and said highly complimentary things after the show.

Seymour Duncan Endorsement Feature.

An article about Paul's endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan pickups is now online at their blog page. Click the logo to read it for yourselves.

Paul at Frankfurt 2011.

Paul and the band rounded off a very nice tour of Germany with daily shows at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, on what could be classed as the centre piece "Warwick/Framus Booth". And a dynamite show at "Sinkkasten" the acclaimed Frankfurt city centre night club and venue. Paul gave an emotionally charged performance that was witnessed by many "heads of companies" all of whom were experiencing Paul's live show for the first time. The effect it had was monumental and it looks certain to launch Paul towards a far more global audience. Having already sealed a worldwide endorsement deal with both Seymour Duncan pickups and GHS guitar strings, we are also working on the finer details of some other very exciting opportunities, that we will of course post here as soon as these deals are confirmed.

In the meantime German fans can look forward to articles and interviews in forthcoming editions of "Good Times Musik" and "Guitarre und Bass" magazines. As well as the Czech guitar magazine "Musicuz".

Get Carter 40th anniversary.

Paul's version of the "Get Carter" film music is to be included in the 40th anniversary celebrations of the films release at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle city centre.

A slide show of pictures taken by local photographer Sally Anne Norman, chronicling the construction and eventual demolition of the car park used in the film, known locally as the "Get Carter car park" is to be shown in the cinemas top floor cafe/restaurant throughout the films anniversary events. And will feature Paul's take on the classic Roy Budd theme "The Vortex".

We are all very proud to be associated with this event and hope as many of you as possible will come and see it. It is however unlikely, that Micheal Caine will be in attendance.

"Ned's Guitar" in HD, now on youtube.

Here's another specially produced video for youtube, of Paul's own composition "Ned's Guitar". This piece was originally released on Magic City in 2001, and has been re recorded for the 2010 album "TEN". Here is a 3rd version, this time on nylon string acoustic. Don't forget to click the HD 1080 button.

Paul Rose - "Best Of" Now Available on iTunes.

pic by Ian Thomson

The Best Of - Paul Rose

Paul Rose has been known as a gifted rock guitarist since his early teens, with a style that blends country, jazz, folk and blues into his own unique and individual style. Being spotted by Rory Gallagher who described Paul as "A hot player with a hot future" then winning Guitarist magazines revered "Guitarist of the Year" competition is a testament to Paul's amazing guitar playing talent. But what has truly set him apart over the years, is his development as a composer/producer. Having prolifically produced 11 albums to date. From the early 1980s Paul Rose was experimenting with different ways of recording his musical ideas. Beginning with an old reel to reel tape machine, to countless portastudios, drum machines, effects units and computers. Learning all the time, Paul was instantly fascinated by this process, working obsessively day after day and often all night. Unaware that he was effectively producing a considerable body of work that would in time, be listened to and loved by an ever increasing number of fans all around the world.

Paul has cultivated a composition and production style that is instantly recognizable as his own. So it is with great pride and a true honour, 
that we offer this compilation of some of the high points of Paul's studio work to date.‎

"The Best Of Paul Rose" is a 16 track album, featuring some of Paul's finest studio recordings. All of which have been digitally remastered especially for this project. With beautifully soulful song writing, haunting instrumentals and of course guitar playing par excellence. This album is an opportunity to sample a broad cross section of work from one the most uniquely gifted independent artists in the world today.

Now exclusively endorsed worldwide by German instrument giant Warwick/Framus, and playing two custom made Framus Diablo Supreme X guitars, that have been meticulously built to suite Paul's exact requirements. It seems that Paul is set to reach out to an even greater audience than before.

Currently available as a download on CD baby & iTunes, but coming on CD in the next couple weeks.

New PRB Video.

This is a brand new and entirely home made video of Paul and his band, shot during the recording of the song "Try". The song is as yet unreleased, but is to be included in the forthcoming "Whitemountain Road" album. To be released spring/summer 2011

Paul Rose Facebook Group.

 We have just launched a Facebook Group so you can be kept bang up to date with all things PR as and when they happen almost in real time. We will also be loading videos and free mp3s here for you to download. So come one and all, you are entirely welcome to join us.

New CD TEN now available.

cover pic by Dave Wala

After many unforeseen delays and hold ups that were quite out of our control, we are very pleased to announce that Paul's brand new cd TEN is now available and shipping today. It will also be available on itunes and all other decent mp3 stores soon.

New Live Videos of the Paul Rose Band.

There are now three new vids of Paul playing live with his band at a friends party in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With Ted McKenna on drums and Kenny Hutchison on bass, the guys are relaxed and on top form, while having great fun. This featured video is a tribute to Elvis Presley, with an instrumental version of "Cant Help Falling in Love With You". Check it out, it's pretty outrageous. To see the other two vids currently on line from this show click the youtube link on the left hand side of this page.

New album "TEN" approaching realization.

cover pic by Dave Wala

We can now confirm that we have finally sent TEN to be manufactured. The delay was due an error in the licenses required to use 2 cover versions that are included on the album. Although we have not as yet been granted these permissions, they are on their way. So, we have sent the discs to be held in the "ready" position so we can launch as soon as possible.

Those of you who may wish to pre order can do so by using the paypal link below.
All pre ordered CD's will be signed and numbered as the very first copies out of the box.

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming very soon.

Ted McKenna in the studio with the Paul Rose Band.

Here is a bit of a sneak peak at preparations prior to our starting recording on location at a studio in Belfast. With Ted McKenna in good spirits and on top form doing a quick mic check come youtube video.

New album "TEN" release imminent.

cover pic by Dave Wala

Paul's new album TEN is almost ready to go to press, and incredibly is Paul's tenth album to date, with ten new tracks released for 2010. Recorded in Miami, Scotland and England, this CD is a mighty slice of rock n roll pie from the Newcastle born master. It features some great instrumental rock out tunes, like the powerhouse song "Past Myself" as well as some truly heartbreaking ballads. Especially the reworking of Paul's Slideaway classic "Throw Me A Line". Other tracks featured are "Walker Road" and "Straight Ahead" which were originally demoed on a portastudio way back in the pre-Homework days. Although a wild version of Straight Ahead appeared on "Live At The Broken Doll" this is the first time these tracks have been properly recorded and produced for official release. A brand new version of "Ned's Guitar" from the Magic City album is also included, in what could almost be seen as a celebration for Paul of the landmark acheivement of now having TEN independantly released albums to his name. The bulk of the work has once again been done by Paul himself, but the album also features dynamite performances from 3 of Miami's finest session drummers George Martinez, Dave Scott & Gerry Tickler. With wonderful bass work from the Scottish bassist Kenny Hutchinson and additional percussion added by "Bay Whitley" drummer Paul Kane.

Finishing touches are being added to the artwork and final mixes and mastering are being checked and re checked to make sure that once again we bring you the finest quality product we can with the resources available to us. An announcement will be made shortly as to the exact date TEN will be available to buy.

And finally, stay tuned for some exciting news on more European tour dates, worldwide Framus clinics and other new releases planned for 2011. All in all the future looks bright, so come a board and enjoy the ride.

Paul Rose - Amplitube 3 presets now available.

All of Paul Rose's personal presets from Amplitube 3 have now been made available by IK Multimedia in the VIP area of Amplitube 3's preset exchange. The presets include all of the amp settings used on Promises, Note To Self & the forth coming TEN albums. Hope you like them and find them useful. Just search for Paul Rose in the user area.

Paul Rose "Home" in HD video.

A specially produced version of Paul's beautiful instrumental "Home" from the Note To Self, has been rerecorded in a special HD video for youtube. Using the brand new Amplitube 3 amp softwarem, and one off appearance of the 1960 reissue Gibson Les Paul. We are very plaesed at the results and will hopefully be posting more soon. Although downloads can sometimes be a bit sluggish, you can always go to youtube and watch it in standard quality. But we hope you all like it too.

New Videos on youtube.

We thought you might like us to draw your attention to the first of a set of videos produced by Dave Wala, now available on youtube. They are just experiments in producing videos in this way, but we are very encouraged by the work produced and are all looking forward to see what develops in this music/video partnership over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned, more soon.

Paul Rose's Private Studio now available for hire

Paul Rose is now offering for hire use of his home studio and considerable production/engineering skills at highly competitive rates. With almost 30 years experience as a session guitarist, composer, performer & producer, Paul fully understands the importance of the artists work. And can guarantee a professional, high quality service that will bring out the very best in your material.

The studio comprises some of the highest quality plug-ins and up to date software and hardware available today. Including Cubase 5.1, WaveLab 6, Native Instruments Komplete 6, Ableton 8, TC-Electronics sound card, SE microphone, Universal Audio valve pre-amp, Adam A7 and Tascam active monitors, 28 inch dual screens, and fully automated mixing with 24 channels of Mackie Control Universal control. A selection of electric, acoustic and bass guitars are also available, with Paul on hand hand to help out whenever needed. Extremely high quality results have already been achieved for friends, and of course on the last 4 of the 9 Cd's Paul has released during his career.

So if you're a solo singer song writer, a duo or a band looking to start a new project, or maybe finish an older one (remixes welcome, 5.1 on request) then drop Paul an email to discuss your requirements, rates and availability. Or to arrange a meeting and check out for yourself the facility that is now being made available

Click HERE to contact Paul directly.

Highland Date Confirmed

A gig at the East Grange Loft near Elgin in the Highlands of Scotland has just been confirmed for Fri April 9th. Some of you may be aware that the live half of the "Half Alive" CD was recorded here. It's a good few years since Paul played the Loft, so once again a few old freinds will get a chance to see how the PRB has eveolved since its last jaunt up to the very far end of the British Isles. The band incidentally will be Ted McKenna on drums and Zander Greenshields on bass.

Orkney Dates

Paul & his band have just confirmed 2 shows and a guitar workshop on the Orkney Isles for the weekend of April 10th. Details of venues and times will appear on the dates page soon. But Paul and the guys are very excited about playing back on Orkney again, as previous trips have always been great fun. It's also a stunningly beautiful corner of the globe.

2010 Gigs Begin With Scottish Dates

The Paul Rose Band will begin their 2010 gig schedule in early March with confirmed dates in Aberdeen and Dundee on March 5th & 6th, with one more possible gig on the 7th to be confirmed. Although finishing up 2009 exhausted after heavy gig load, a well earned Xmas rest has recharged the batteries and all are now very much looking forward to getting back out on the road and seeing you all again. More dates in the Orkneys, Midlands, London, Ireland & Germany are currently being arranged, so keep checking the live page, as we'll be updating everytime a new date is confirmed. The line up for the March shows is Ted McKenna and Zander Greenshields.

Happy New Year To All

A very happy new year to you all, and we hope those experiencing the extremely cold conditions are all managing to keep warm. Paul had to cancel his gig in Consett, Co. Durham last week due to the huge amount of snowfall we've had here recently. But hopefully the thaw will come soon and everything will get moving again before too much longer.

Besides the weather, there are so many exciting projects in the pipeline for Paul and his band(s) for 2010, not least the fact that production of Paul's new CD entitled "TEN" is well underway, and will hopefully be released in the spring. More on this project later, as there is quite a tale to tell with this one. We will also have the "Live In Germany" DVD available in limited numbers soon too. Of course notice of this will be posted here as soon as possible. A lot of live work is currently being lined up for the UK, Germany and possibly even the USA. With all the usual British festivals and more, including a long awaited return to the Orkney Music Festival in September. The gigs page will be brought up to date as and when we have all dates confirmed. So once again folks, stay warm, sit it out and the spring will be here before we know it, and "normality" will resume.

Take care till then.

Phew!! 2009 almost over.... except for Newcastle gigs!

Well, here we are almost at the end of 2009 and what an eventful year it has been for Paul Rose and his Band(s). And it's already looking like 2010 is going to be just as busy, if not more so. This year has seen an endorsement deal from Framus in Germany, the release of the brilliant new CD "Note To Self" and the launch of official PRB merchandise, as well as the "Live In Germany" DVD. Not to mention all the gigs across the UK, Germany and a couple of short trips to the USA. Paul recorded 15 top quality drum tracks at Steve Gordon's studio in Miami Florida in February, with session supremos Dave Scott and George Martinez at the kit, and has already accumulated a large amount of solo compositions since Note To Self in his home studio. So it's a fair assumption that at least 2 new Cd's will emerge next year and a whole lot more if time doesn't run against us. The years run of gigs will finish in Newcastle and Ashington on Saturday & Sunday with Glasgow's very own Ted McKenna on drums & Zander Greenshields on bass. Having worked exceptionally hard this year, this could be a very fitting end to 2009 and we sincerely hope that we see all of you there that can make it.

Merchandise Now Available.

We are delighted to announce that our merchandise shop is now open and very much alive on the website. We have 3 tee shirts available with either a logo or a picture on the front, with a choice of either our website or German tour dates on the reverse. All printed on high quality 185 gram shirts. We also have 2 ski hats with the new PAUL ROSE BAND logo, available in black or dark grey. A fourth shirt is in production. As you maybe aware, we have spent a good few weeks sourcing the best quality gear we could find to make sure that none of you are disappointed with the product you buy. We want you to be able to wear our merchandise with pride and have it last for as long you want it. Click HERE to go straight to our new merch page.

Paul's Music Now On Spotify

A few of Paul's albums are now on Spotify and more should be appearing there soon. Currently available are Promises, Learning Curve, Late Show & Half Alive. So a request from us to all you Spotify users out there, please log in, do a search and get the hit count up a bit. And most of all enjoy it. To tune in click HERE

German Success

Paul and the German line of the PRB, featuring Stefan Kugler on bass and Anselm Gayler on drums, have just enjoyed a very creative and successful weekend in and around the Nuremberg area. With more dates in the middle of October approaching, a full tour is currently being planned with a few gigs already confirmed and on the dates page. All in all, Paul is thrilled at the level of response he is receiving from German audiences, and is very much looking forward to seeing what develops in what appears to be a potentially very successful future in Germany.

Cajun & Tequila!!

Video of Paul & the band playing a smoking version of Roy Buchanan's "Cajun" has just been up loaded to the Paul Rose youtube page, thanks to our freinds in Lancashire. With Ian Thompson on bass and Neil Ramshaw on drums. Much fun had by all... Were you there?

New Podcast - Song Surgery III

A brand new podcast in the "Song Surgery" series has just been uploaded and is available for download by clicking HERE. In this podcast Paul once again dissects one of his tracks, offering a step by step insight into how the song was constructed. This time it's the song "Modern World" from the Note To Self CD that gets the Song Surgery treatment. Fascinating listening for musicians and music lovers alike. All guitars were recorded using Amplitube software. Remember, you can subscribe to all of Pauls podcasts by opening iTunes, click "advanced" then "subscribe to podcast" then copy and paste this address into the box - Then hit OK and that'll be you away.

Colne Blues Festival

Hello to all who saw as our gigs at the Colne Blues Fest yesterday (Aug 29th). We had a really great time and hope you all did too. Thanks for all your support, as we know that many of you have returned time and time again to see the band over many years. We beleive there was a fair bit of video shot at the two shows, so if we can locate any decent segments, we'll post them on youtube in due course.Also, several gigs in and around the Lancs/Cumbria area were discussed during the afternoon with various bookers that are known to us, so watch the dates page. We will post all new dates as soon as they're confirmed, so it's business as usual.

Work, Work, Work!

We would like to say hello, and thank you once again to all you folks out there who have been to see our shows in the last few weeks and months. Ted, Zander & Paul have enjoyed all of the gigs and festivals in Scotland immensely, and cannot wait to see you all again out here soon. With gigs at Dundee, Glasgow and Newcastle planned for the Ted & Zed line up and more in the pipeline, we should hopefully coming to your home town soon. We are currently working on expanding the territorial boundaries of the PRB and hope to be breaking into more European countries next year.

We are also about to make available some Paul Rose Band T/shirts, that will be made available thru the website and gigs initially. Designs are now being finalised and will be posted in our online shop as soon as they are available. So watch this space folks, we'd love to see you come to our shows sporting a nice new PRB shirt or two.

And finally, a quick heads up on the "Live In Germany" DVD. We are in the process of gathering all the necessary licenses, granting us permission to release the cover versions contained in the set. This is taking a little longer than we had expected. Other wise the DVD is edited, mastered, designed and ready to roll, just as soon as we get this legal stuff sorted. Thanks for holding on, we appreciate your patients.

So stay tuned, as we hope to be announcing more exciting news concerning Paul and the band very soon. And thanks once again for following us on our mission...Next stop, London, then Colne Blues, then Germany. Phew!!

Paul Rose - Live on Total Rock Radio

This Sunday the 2nd of August, from 5pm onwards, Paul will be talking to Chris Glancy about his new album "Note To Self" live on Total Rock Radio, from the heart of old London town, England. You can tune in by clicking the link HERE and stream the show live, or if you miss it you can listen again thru the Total Rock Radio website later on. The show is called guitarmageddon, Perfect!!

Note To Self - Podcast Special

Paul Nicholls, otherwise known as "Podcast Paul" has just done a one hour podcast special on Paul Rose's new album "Note To Self" Click HERE to listen to the podcast, which includes a live interview with Paul Rose and Birmingham based Paul Nicholls.

Change of Date & Venue

Paul was due to play at the Georgian Hotel in Coatbridge on August 14th with his band, but will now be opening for Squeeze song meister Glen Tilbrook at Motherwell Concert Hall with a solo acoustic show. A full band gig with Ted & Zander at The Georgian is to be re arranged for October, so watch out for updates.

More Scottish Gigs

A big hello and thank you goes to everyone who saw us play at the Dundee Blues Bonanza this weekend , and at Montrose a few weeks prior to that. We had an absolutely magnificent time and hope you all did too. The good news is Paul, Ted & Zander are currently planning more gigs for Scotland with Sept 19th being the proposed weekend. Gigs will include Dundee, Montrose and hopefully Glasgow & Aberdeen too. We will post them on the live dates page just as soon as we have confirmations, which we hope to have in a few days time. A couple of Newcastle dates are also in the offing for November or December. Diaries and pencils are at the ready.

Dundee Blues Bonanza

Paul will be joined once again by Ted McKenna & Zander Greenshields for the Dundee Blues Bonanza. The same line up as Montrose basically. We're looking forward to the festival very much and hope to see as many of you there as is possible to get in the venues. So come on down, it'll be a riot. Times and venues are now on the live page.

London Calling

Paul will be playing his first London date in almost 5 years on Thursday, Sept 10th at the Elm Tree in Surbiton. This gig is possibly going to be a bi-monthly spot that will hopefully roll into more shows for Paul back in London. Well, it is his second home after all. Venue details HERE

News Update - June 4th

Hi to everyone who saw our gigs at the Montrose Festival, we cartainly enjoyed ourselves, and we sincerley hope you all did too. Next up are a couple of gigs over in Cumbria then a couple of guitar workshop/masterclasses in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Then back over to Dundee for more rock and blues mayhem at the Dundee Blues Bonanaza. Check out the dates page for all gig details, although Dundee have not as yet released times and venues for the festival. We will let you know about as soon as we can.

Montrose Festival

We are delighted to confirm drum legend Ted McKenna will be joining Paul and Zander Greenshields for the Montrose music festival this coming weekend. It's a long time since Paul and the band played in that neck of the woods, and there are one or two old friends we will be looking forward to saying hello to once again. Venues and times are on the dates page.

Snappy New Website

Welcome to the new and snappy version of the Paul Rose website. We hope you like the new look and feel, and find that all links are working correctly. Special thanks go to Johnny Brown for his work overhauling the site. We have checked and rechecked the site but if you find anything that we've missed please drop us a line.

To coincide with the launch of the new site, Pauls brand new album "Note To Self" is now available to buy exclusively from this site. More news and updates to follow soon.

News Update - May 09

There are so many new and ecxciting things going on here that it's difficult to know where to start. Paul's new CD "Note To Self" is currently at the factory being pressed and we hope to have it on sale by the end of this week (8th May) or very soon after. Also, Paul's recent German tour has been a spectacular success and more German dates are planned for October. One gig was filmed in 3D Hi-Definition, and although we have not yet seen the results we are hoping to make the footage available either on disc or as a download, depending on file sizes. More 3D shooting has been discussed for the coming months, and if results are saitisfactory then a DVD will almost certainly be made available.

Thanks to everyone who came to the German shows, and a very big thanks goes out to Stefan Kugler for his remarkable tour organisation, commitment and devotion to the live shows success generally, both as bass player and manager. And also thanks to Anselm Gayler for stepping in on drums. Great work guys, can't wait to see/hear more.

New album is about to land

3D footage, the future is here

Paul is also about to start work adding guitar/bass/vocals etc to the drum tracks recorded at Steve Gordons studio in Miami during February this year. These includ takes of some live numbers that have not yet found their way from stage to studio. Again, we hope that these turn out well and if so, it will be the 10th album for 2010. Working title for this is simply TEN!

And finally, a new version of this website is to be launched soon. A more colourful and dynamic appearance designed to suit all tastes. Anytime this week we think. So watch this space!

Paul Rose Band "Live In Germany" DVD.

A new live DVD of Paul's set at the Nuremberg "Blues Will Eat Festival" is to be released soon. A raw and exciting show in front of a capacity crowd makes up this 90 minute DVD. The gig will be available to buy from this site and live gigs as soon as we have copies available. To pre-order drop us an email for details.

Recording in Miami.

Paul is travelling to Miami in early febuary to record in Steve Gordons studio in Hialeah. Numbers from Paul's live show that have not yet been recorded or released are planned, as well as more tracks for the album currently in production by NY/NJ vocalist Dave Rudbarg. The sessions are to feature two of Miami's finest session drummers Dave Scott and George Martinez. Stay tuned for updates and possibly even a few snips of what has been recorded.

Paul Rose Podcasts are back.

All of Paul's podcasts are now back on line at the same link they were at previously. Plus Pt1 of a brand new 2 part podcast is now on line and ready to go. Pt2 will appear shortly. There are so many exciting developments to explore since Paul's last episodes, so keep checking back for updates when you get a chance. One way to subscribe is to just click on the podcast logo below and you can access them directly from podcast pickle.

It is also possible to subscribe thru itunes by searching for Paul Rose Podcasts.

Paul Rose Guitar Workshop Weekends

Paul Rose in association with Mundell Music will be hosting two guitar workshops at the beautiful Inn at Lathones, on the east coast of Scotland on the weekend of January 24th for beginners, then on the following weekend of Jan 31st for intermediate players. The two day courses will focus on the specific styles and techniques Paul uses, featuring scales and chord voicing to enhance solo and composition skills. And a guitar recording and production session, in which Paul will explain and demonstrate how he has achieved various effects and production techniques on his own unique and varied albums. With some simple tips and musical tricks for players of all styles and levels to enhance musical understanding and vision. Guitarists are asked to bring both and electric and acoustic guitars, and a small practice amp if at all possible.

The beautiful Inn At Lathones, 4 star hotel and restaurant.

The 2 day courses are not intended as a baffling display of technical prowess, but more a gentle exploration of the guitars limitless potential. Paul's own interpretaion of blues, rock, country and jazz are all styles that will be covered in both group and one to one sessions. Culminating in a performance & jam session for those who wish to take part on the Sunday afternoon. The Inn At Lathones is a quiet and relaxed venue on a stunningly beautiful part of the Scottish coast about 4 miles south of the historic town of Saint Andrews. Dinner, breakfast and one nights accomadation is inclusive. Tickets and reservations will be available shortly. Contact Mundell Music for more details by clicking on hotel image above.

Please note: In order to make the weekend as beneficial to those who attend as possible, we can only offer a limited number of places.

Promises/Magic City Reviews

Two very shiny reviews of Promises & Magic City have recently surfaced in the USA. To view them click on the album covers below.


Gibson Les Paul?

Well, we never thought we'd see the day that Paul Rose would appear with a Gibson Les Paul in place of his trusted Fender reissue strats, but low and behold that day has arrived. Here is a pic of Paul with the Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, 1957 Custom Shop reissue, now being weilded at various discreet locations in the north east of England.

Paul Rose Band storms Colne Blues Festival

Paul and his band delivered a great show headlining the British Stage at the Colne Blues festival on Sat August 23rd. After a superb acoustic gig earlier in the afternoon, the stage was set for Paul with Ian Thompson on bass & Neil Ramshaw on drums, to take the midnight spot totally by storm. The guys did not disappoint. After a four year absence and in front of a capacity crowd, the Paul Rose Band made a devastating return to the Great British Blues festival. The show was videod, so if we can track down a copy and it is good enough quality, we'll post highlights here via youtube. Stay tuned for further updates and more pics etc.

Glasgow gigs confirmed

Two gigs in the Glasgow area have just been confirmed, one of which is Rockers in the centre of town. The other is The Argyle & Sutherland in Greenock. Paul has not played in central Glasgow with the band for a couple of years, and is looking forward to playing back in his honorary home town. Should be a wild weekend. See "Shows" for dates and venues.

Paul Rose wins Seymour Duncan contest

Paul Rose has just come second in Seymour Duncans "Gear Experts" competition. An international invitation for guitarists to submit a youtube video demoing any Seymour Duncan product of their choice. The video that was entered is "Telecasting From Home" and features Paul playing a USA '52 reissue Fender Tele, fitted with Seymour Duncans Alnico Pro II pickups. Although the video was shot prior to the competition and was never originally intendid for the comp, we will not grumble at this second prize of an SFX08 Power Grid. On hearing the news, Paul said "I'd forgotten all about that....Nice!!"