Getting Back On Track

After an incredibly busy year travelling and performing, Paul is now spending most of his creative energy in the studio. Although it is obvious that the music "biz" has changed beyond recognition, or has even died one might say, and the age of the album and cd seems to be over as we knew it. However, the Internet remains a very useful outlet for those with a voice or a vision, so lots of projects for this medium are currently being considered and produced, while oodles and oodles of tracks, both completed or sketched are being made available via soundcloud quite regularly.

We do have a new website in production also, so please stick around, we're far from finished yet.

July 27th 2015

On Line Guitar Lessons With Me, Thru Skype

I'm now doing one to one lessons, live from my studio to anywhere in the world. Here is a short promo video with an explanation of what it's all about. If after watching this you're interested in booking a lesson, just drop me a line and we can set something up. It's really pretty straight forward to get set up and organized. Ill look forward to hearing from you.

A Shiny New Video

Here's a brand new video for you all entitled "Night and Day". I'm rally quite pleased with how this came out. I did the backing track a while ago, but all of the guitars and video editing I crammed into one day. Hope you like it

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